• Easy to Stretch

Our hair is packaged from the factory with an initial pre-stretch and pre-layer process done. This makes it easy to handle and work faster, saving you time.

• Won't Cause Allergic Reactions

Our hair fibers are naturally disinfected. They are mildew, mold and bacterium proof, and have no chemical additives. Our extensions are hypoallergenic due to its resistance to acid agents. 

• Save Time

The combination of all our benefits will reflect in saving around 1 to 2 hours of time when you make a full installment. This means customers will get to leave earlier and go back to their daily lives, while the stylists get to increase their revenue by having time to squeeze in another customer per day! Some of the benefits you will immediately notice when using our extensions. They are tangle free, trimming free, waste-free, soft to the touch, easy to separate, easy to brush, and won't snag or break.

• Waste Free/ Stronger Hair/ Knotless

Soohi Hair Extensions are manufactured with a medium tenacity hypoallergenic synthetic fiber, this is one of the most important benefits of our brand because it makes them extremely functional. For that reason, our extensions are waste-free because it doesn't pop and will completely evolve the way stylists do braids for their customers. This is also great because unlike other brands, our extensions bring approximately 20% more hair per package. 

• Feels & Looks Like Real Hair

Our extensions blend seamlessly with human hair. You wont be able to notice the difference between your hair and the extensions. It is also very soft to the touch and smooth to work with. It wont cut your fingers, which is very important because your hands are your tools. 

• No Itch

Soohi Hair Extensions do not itch or irritate human skin, allowing a sense of comfort, because they are not treated with an alkaline coated base, unlike some brands. To prevent possible irritation, people would need to pre-treat their extensions with diluted vinegar or apple cider vinegar (ACV) to remove the alkaline base. This extra process forces you to invest unnecessary time. With Soohi Hair Extensions, no prewash/pretreatment is required, and you can even ditch those anti-itching lotion.

• No Prewash Needed

With Soohi Extensions, no pre wash is needed!  We reiterate that because Soohi Hair Extensions are alkaline base free which means it doesn't have to be washed before using it!

• Hot Water Set Not Needed

Soohi Extensions do not need to be hot water set!  It is important to know that Soohi doesn't need to be hot water set.  This can be done as per discretion of our customers.

• Flame Retardant

Our fibers meet and exceed the UL-94 (V-0) standard for the safety of flammability of plastic materials that make our fiber safe and flame-retardent. Soohi's fibers have a very low static charge and a very low thermal conductivity.

• Tangle Free

Soohi Extensions are tangle free!  This is due to their extreme functionality, they are easy to brush, soft to the touch and easy to separate.

• Trimming Free

Soohi Hair Extensions are trimming free!  Soohi hair is manufactured with a medium tenacity fiber and it makes them Extremely Functional which is why they are trimming free!

• Soft to Touch

Soohi Hair Extensions are very soft and extremely smooth to work with.  It will not cut your fingers, and this is an important issue because the hands are your primary working tools.  

• Water Repellent

Soohi hair extensions are water repellent due to the fiber extremely low water absorption and it make them extremely light weight when wet. It easy to work with and very comfortable for user.

• Environmentally Friendly

Soohi Hair Extensions are recyclable and ecologically friendly

• Styles

Styles you can do with Soohi extensions: Curly, quick, easy, crochet, and twist. You can also do single plats, faux locs, boxbraids, fulani braids, halo braids, passion twists, and braided high pony.